General info

The young Czech volunteers and travellerstell in the documentary film „Bemba: Waiting for Godot“ about theier staying in Zambia, neighbouring Congo and about peole from New Renato Community.

The documentary film introduces the current situation in Zambia and the work of the volunteers, but also to focus on solving the „problem of Africa“ as started people in New Renato Community.

The documentary film is done for students to enlarge their notion and interest in the third world, a contributing material for faculties concerned with developing help, and last but not least a motivation for young people to do a voluntary work / to be active.

The documentary film wants to show to young people that it is paid to be involved: it will enrich themselves and will help to the others. It wants to demonstrate on a concrete example that if they embark in something and make their own effort, then they can change at least a piece of the world. A sea would become a desert without any individual drop.


The Film was made in 2013